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Quantity Discounts Available

On All Glass

Mix-Match Color Rods from

Northstar, Glass Alchemy, Elvis,
Borostix, & Precision Color

5-9 lbs – 20% Off

10-24 lbs – 25% Off

25+ lbs – 30% Off

Clear Glass Cases

5-9 Cases – 10% Off

10-15 Cases – 20% Off

16+ Cases – 25% Off


Glass House Supply of Humboldt County prides itself on customer satisfaction. Many of our customers have switched to us because of our timely service and personal touch. Glass House was established in 1998 as the industry leader in borosilicate glass, Millifiori, and Murrini making. Shortly after, we began to also distribute glassblowing supplies, glass supplies, and lampworking tools. Glassblowing has evolved over the last several years, and we stay current by offering all of the newest glass supplies including: colors, tubing, tools, and advice is always free.


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